Late night inspiration

Welcome back,

As I sit here unable to fall asleep while scrolling through LinkedIn I came across some motivating words.


These are Gary Vaynerchuk’s  things to consider as you strive for happiness and success.

I came across Gary’s LinkedIn page a few days ago and I have been inspired by him everyday since.  He is an entrepreneur, best selling author, and one of the most sought after public speakers.  His podcast is what caught my attention when I visited his page and his energy is so captivating I couldn’t stop watching.

If you are in the mood for some personal and business advice I encourage you to follow him.  Do not take his words lightly, go out and live your dream!

Is there anyone you find inspirational for business/personal growth, leave a link or their name in the comments so I can utilize them for motivation as well!

Part of me starting this blog was about doing something for me, working on my day dream if you will.  Many of us spend 7-10 hours working on someone else’s dream only to come home make dinner and fall asleep.  Never forget to do something daily that moves you closer to your dream.

No matter what you work on today, big or small, make it count!  Give it your all and NEVER GIVE UP!

Also channel inspiration from the things around you…


The universe, will send you signs and little bits our encouragement.  The full moon the last few days has been a total sign to me from the universe.

Anyone capture any cool photos from the full moon? Share in the comments!

This encouraged me to do some reading…

The moon is the planet that governs feminine energy.  It is traditionally understood to be powerfully emotional, intuitive, and rooted in wisdom of the subconscious. Full moons are notorious for being a signal of sudden endings.  It’s a time when we face the consequences of earlier actions or decisions we’ve made.  The key to dealing with any job, relationship, or situation coming to a close at the full moon is to not fight it, and to simply let it go.  Whatever safety you’re attempting to cling to is exactly what is putting your personal growth in danger.

-The Scorpio 2018 Full Moon Meaning Is More Intense Than You Think, Here’s What You Should Know by Rosebud Baker

This article was spot on and gave me chills.

Side note: universe just so you know I am loving your signs.  The full moon was beautiful now time to put change in action!



Monday vibes

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

This weekend was so relaxing. I was able to go get my nails done with my mom and do some shopping (my favorites)!


My hands can once again be photographed….

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments.

We also made some homemade enchiladas which were so delicious!

Now after a long Monday it’s time to eat dinner and relax.  Brian and I will be enjoying one of these facemasks (yes we are nerds).  Anyone interested in us reviewing the masks please leave a comment and let us know what you would like to know…




This quote is all I needed for motivation Monday.  My take away: You’ve got to realize that what you feel is NEVER WRONG and that you must always trust you intuition but also accept the consequences of things.

Wishing you a wonderful week to come!

As always remember you are a bad ass!


Margarita and my Man

Happy Hump Day all,

Brian and I spent the day in Downtown Oak Park today playing Pokemon Go!

After we were done playing we saw Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria.  My eyes lit up by the “Margaritas are here” sign in the window.  I love margaritas and I am usually a frozen margarita type however they do not have them here.  Do NOT worry though, this was by far one of the best margaritas I have ever had.


Left: Coconut Margarita      Right: Strawberry Pineapple Margarita

Middle was our order of Guacamole and chips, which we both agreed was very delicious!

In addition to the margaritas we tried there was also a cucumber one which I would love to go back and try.


Since this was our first time here we wanted to taste test all our normal favorites at other restaurants.


From left to right: 2 steak, 1 pork, and 1 tilapia

All were delicious, our favorite was the pork since it was topped with grilled pineapple, onions and cilantro.

If you are interested in trying Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria is on 1053 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 60301.

Anyone have recommendations of Chicago restaurants we must try?

We are open to anything, leave us a comment and we may try it on our next date!



Sweet Steps

Welcome back!

Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out you perfect next move, just DO something already.  Oh the time we waste rolling ideas around in our heads, imagining what-ifs, coming up with perfect reasons why and then perfect reasons why not, tearing at our cuticles, making our friends and family carefully screen their calls in case it’s us again, wanting to go over some ideas.  Get out of your head and take action.

Yesterday while continuing to read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero the quote above stuck out.  The other day I was discussing with my friend some of my current feelings about life and work.  I was discussing my next steps, her first response was “the next steps are so scary for me.”  I chose to keep this friend anonymous because her opinions on things are similar to mine and she is too valuable to put “on blast” via a blog others will read.

I agree with her 100% though, the first step is the hardest, but the next step is just as hard.  Although this book makes me feel badass, I am far from fearless.  I also am hopeful that everyday from now on will look brighter, be better, and most importantly bring happiness.

I am so appreciative for those of you who chose to read these posts and come back as I share my journey to my best life! Thank you!

I am also open to advice, opinions, questions, and open dialog… like, comment, and follow!

Some random Ashley facts… recently I developed an allergy to Red 40 (Red food coloring).

Have you ever watched the show botched?  That’s my face if I eat anything with Red 40 in it.  Two words: Bad Botox.

I was so excited to find an organic company that made dye free gummy bears, gummy worms, red fish, peach rings, and watermelon rings.

I came across the brand Wholesome at a HomeGoods and haven’t been able to find them since.  The other day I had such a craving for the red fish I placed an order online here.

Another fun fact, on the website listed above they have a store locator that actually narrows it down to stores near you that sell the product!  So far out of the new items I purchased I tried the watermelon rings… OMG SO FRUITY AND SO FRESH!  Even if you don’t have allergies give them a try!

Anyone have any organic must haves that they recommend? Let me know I would love to try them!



As I shared in my prior post I have recently started the book You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.  This was recommended to me by one of my oldest and dearest friends Kayte.

I am not going to spoil the book for anyone because in my opinion this is a 2018 MUST READ!


I would like to share some things that resinated with me…

Chapters 1-5:

Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs.

Such a true and unrecognized reality. Don’t get me wrong we need the people in our lives to guide us, but their beliefs become ours as do their fears.

The universe will match whatever vibration you put out. And you can’t fool the universe.

Basically, we can’t just appreciate life when it’s all sunshine and rainbows. You must focus on what your dream life is even when you just walked up to your car and found parking ticket. (I use this example because it happened to me Thursday.) Instead of remaining focused on my use of the day I let that one thing take over and I became instantly angry.  The universe wasn’t going to throw a bouquet of roses at my feet for being a pissy b*tch the rest of the day, just incase you had hope, I didn’t get the bouquet.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. – Lao Tzu

This quote. That is all. As someone with anxiety I can relate to this. I’d like to defend myself but I can’t, this quote is the truth. I am committing to spending more time in the present because there is really no better place to be.

Having others smear their fear and worry all over you is the last thing you need when you’re strengthening your superhero muscles to step out and take some risks.

Think about this with me, the last time you had a really killer idea and you shared it with someone (new business, ways to revamp a business, movie idea, book idea) what was their first reaction?

For many of us the answer is one of the following:

  • Do you really think people are going to pay for that?
  • How are you going to get the money to start that?
  • That doesn’t seem realistic…
  • How many people will pay to read it?

I will put myself in the guilty category. But why do we do this? Why when someone is attempting to grab life by the horns and make it their best version do we attempt to crush all of their dreams?


If you are currently reading the book, let me know what is resinating with you in the comments below.

If you have yet to pick it up… What are you waiting for? Join the journey to stop doubting your greatness!


You are a badass

Late post. Better late than never.

Yesterday was rough. I had the Monday blues and work was exhausting.

This led me to a mall trip…

Which led to this…


I can explain.

I love all Apple products! I went through college on a Macbook which is now outdated and runs very slowly. My goal with this blog was to share and having the tools to do so is critical. My next purchase is going to be a digital camera to enhance the quality and quantity of media I share.

Today I went to the same mall to exchange a bracelet because it had a crack in it. It was nice to accomplish something before work.


I usually go to Starbucks before work but decided to switch it up.


It was so good and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth!


On my way into work today I felt so accomplished because I did something for myself before. Whether a trip to the mall, exchanging an item, getting a donut and coffee, make sure you do something every day for yourself! I realized I don’t do this enough but it makes your day so much more meaningful.

I spend 8-9 hours a day working on someone else’s dream. I deserve to take time out of my day to spend it on mine. This is it. Right here.

What do you do daily to feel accomplished? Let me know in the comments.

I was also recommended the book pictured above and I am so excited to start reading!

Is anyone interested in book updates? I’m starting reading tomorrow.


Miss you Monday

Yes, I just created a thing. Go with it.

This week has been so long! When this happens I often reflect on my happy place. As I mentioned in my previous posts I love France!


When I feel negative energy throughout the day or week I often turn to my photo stream for a pick me up!


Our first two nights we stayed in a hotel and then we went to an Airbnb. Decor compliments of IKEA. So adorable.





Cheers to positive vibes and a new week!

What’s your happy place? Is it miles away or is it where you are this second? Let me know in the comments below⬇️