This week has been by far the best vacation I’ve ever taken! I didn’t even have to fly miles away to enjoy my days off. Although the weather in Chicago is as moody as I can be, I enjoyed what I could of the sunshine.

I’ve played a ton of Pokémon Go this week and finally reached level 30! It felt like it’s taken me 20 years to reach level 30 so this was a huge accomplishment.

Brian and I then went to see Ready Player One — his choice. I surprisingly loved it and now want to read the book. I will need to have Brian explain some of the references like he did for the movie (I’m just not nerdy enough yet).

On Thursday we went to lunch with friends and followed that up with a trip to a mall we’ve never been. This mall had a puppy shop. **spoiler alert: this girl loves puppies!**

I love animals so much the moment I saw the place I knew this was trouble. I do love animals but seeing as there were all pure bread dogs they were a bit out of my budget for adoption. This doesn’t mean I didn’t make puppy eyes at Brian and try my hardest to convince him we needed another dog.


I did resist — insert round of applause here. But take a look at how hard it was.


If anyone is interested the shop is called Furry Babies in Fox Valley mall Aurora. They also have dog toys, clothing, and treats. *Adoption is better in terms of finances and saving animals, however I have nothing against breading.*

To wrap up our last full day of vacation we spent some time at the mall and then had dinner at Level 257!

Today we both woke up realizing this relaxing vacation is coming to an end. Time goes by when you’re having fun, it goes even faster with your best friend. Our countdown until next vacation has started. Only 7 more work weeks!

Anyone have any recommendations for what we should do on our next vacation? Restaurants, movies, places we need to go, things we need to see?

I’d love to hear your suggestions!



Welcome to my page!

First I’d like to start with a question I was asked almost two years ago…

“What are your hobbies?”

Flashback, to around that time, I was 23, working about 45-55 hours a week doing what I loved!  However, when asked this question I was speechless; most people think I exaggerate when I say this but I really had little to no hobbies.  Back then I thought what consumed your time, you loved, flash forward to present day, I know that is far from the truth.

I am starting this blog in hopes to document and challenge myself to spend more time living my personal life and fostering a lifestyle that is both balanced and rewarding.