Vacation Recap

Hello all,

Better late than never.

As I settle in from my absurdly long vacation I am so grateful for all I did while enjoying time with my wonderful family and boyfriend.  The picture below represents my feelings on being 26.


As many of you saw via my Instagram, my dog Bella cut the webbing of her paw prior to my vacation.  Although we do not know what she was injured on in our yard we do know she’s a wild child and loves to get into things.  This didn’t ease my animal loving heart when I first found out.  I shed a tear for sure.  This also allowed for lots of cuddles with “Coney,” our official nickname for this little one.



Bella is officially cone free and loving life again.  She enjoys running around in the yard looking for bunnies and jumping up on hind legs too look over our deck at the neighbors dog while barking.  I swear the neighbor dog thinks we are insane (she doesn’t know the half of it).


A few days after my birthday Brian and I went to Replay to see the Pokemon set up for their event (As mentioned in prior post).  Since, they’ve now expanded the event to incorporate the entire bar and a Pokedex to “catch em all.”


The time this must have taken earned my respect and also made me want to hire them! What do you think about the decor?  Have you gone to Replay or are you interested in going?


Brian and I received all of our badges and it was such a fun time!

Later in the week my friend Kayte was in visiting from Seattle.  Oh man did I miss her!  It is nice to have friends who’ve nearly lived your entire life with you.  It is like choosing your family.  16 years of friendship and still holding on for dear life trying to adult. : )


Brian and I also finished 13 Reasons Why 2, I haven’t found the words to express how I feel about it yet.  I suppose it’s similar to how I felt after season one, check out my 13 Lessons post for my recap of what I got from season one.  Did you watch season 2?  What are your thoughts/feelings about the seasons huge end?

To wrap up vacation Brian gave me my gift.  Literally one of my favorite gifts of all time!  The gift of a hobby and art, in the form of a Cannon Rebel T6.  I’ve always loved capturing a moment and being able to see the beauty in it forever!  I am so excited to have the highest of quality memories for both myself and my family.  Thank you again babe!

Special thank you to everyone who called, text, facebook messaged, and spent my birthday with me.  Here is to 26!  I am ready for what this next year has in store for me!

– A

13 Lessons

Late last year my boyfriend and I began to binge watch some Netflix series’ as a way of spending some time together.  Our second choice was 13 Reasons Why.  I had heard little about the series prior to becoming interested in watching but I think it is something that is worth while for teens today.

After watching the series I saw all the controversy that is caused.  However I think it is still something the world needed to see.  I do not believe it glorified suicide but instead shed light on the following lessons the world needs… these are the 13 things I took from the series.  If you haven’t watched do it quick season two drops May 18th!  If you have what is your opinion of the series? Are you excited for season 2?


  1. What you say matters.  Words seem so simple but once they are said they can remain with someone forever.  This series opened my eyes to how judgmental the world is, I am at fault of this too.  When someones interests don’t align with ours what is our first thought?  Something must be wrong with them… incorrect something is wrong with the thought we are all suppose to share the same point of view.  Chose your words wisely.
  2. What you do matters.  Remember when you told Julie you would come to her birthday party.  Something “better” came up and you ditched it.  Julie didn’t forget, in fact it changed your friendship.  My point: what we do or in some cases fail to do matters.  People remember things and their feelings can be impacted by our actions. Chose to do right by yourself and others.
  3. You do not always know what is going on in someone’s life.  There are things people do not feel comfortable sharing based on many factors.  Whether it be a death or illness in the family, a personal illness, a personal trauma, or just a bad day.  Some people rather not speak on personal things in their life no matter how close you are with them.  Therefor bullet 1 & 2 are critical to ensuring what little we can offer be positive.
  4. Little things become big things.  When someone is suffering from any type of depression or anxiety something you view as small may seem like a huge occurrence in their life.  This basically is a reminder that bullets 1, 2, & 3 are critical.  Do not get me wrong, you are not to blame for having bad days, but if you make someone else’s day bad, well that’s your fault.  You have so much to offer make sure it shows in all that you do.
  5. We all need a quality friend.  I added quality because we all have friends.  Friends of quality are harder to come across.  More important being a friend of quality is not an easy task.  We can’t all be perfect and our friends understand that, but this point goes back to bullet 2.
  6. Be a quality friend.  Shocking next point, huh? Your actions matter, treat others as you expect to be treated.

The next set of points come from experiencing the first 6.

  1. Take people’s opinions with a grain of salt.  No one is perfect and no one opinion or way of life is correct.  We learn to live life the best way suitable for ourselves and families.  Do NOT change who you are or what you do based on a simple opinion.
  2. People are going to let you down.  Since no one is perfect this bullet is easily true.  We can not always make everyone happy and in most cases our intention is not to make people unhappy.  However we will disappoint some times.  Do NOT focus on a one time action, focus on a repetitive action, this will allow you to determine the intention of the person and make it easier to walk away from their behavior.  Remember we are human and you deserve to be treated with the respect you treat others with.
  3. Stand up for yourself and others.  If you have mastered the confidence it takes to execute the bullets above you probably stand up for yourself.  But remember some of us are still working on these skills, we need your help.  Stand up for others if you know something or someone is treating them wrong.  It is easier to handle things with a friend, no one should go through anything alone.
  4. Ask for help when needed.  Life is not rainbows and butterflies, we all need help at some point.  Do not be ashamed to reach out for help.  You never know what you will find, many people are going through similar things.  You are NOT alone.
  5. Help.  Be there for someone when they need it.  If someone reaches out to you and you are unable to help, find someone who can.  Most people just want a friend and someone to talk to they aren’t expecting a million dollar check and all their problems to go away.
  6. Do not speak.  Like I said some people just want to vent.  They need a hug.  They want to get coffee and cry it out.  Do not try to solve their issues with words.  Your presence is enough and your ability to listen means everything.
  7. Locate help.  Like I said before if you are unable to help someone by following all the other bullets it may be time to locate professional help.  Depression is a serious mental illness that affects over 18 million adults in any given year.  It is also the leading cause of disability for ages 15-44.  If you or anyone you know is looking for someone to talk to or is in need of help visit here for more information.  You can also visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free and confidential support.

I learned so much from this show and its rough topics.  I honestly wished it was around when I was a teen so I was more aware how impactful what I did an said to the people around me could affect them.

If you have not watched this series I encourage you to do so!  I also encourage you to talk about these issues and spread awareness so that everyone who is in need of help is able to receive the treatment and support they need in order to beat their battle with depression/mental illness.

Don’t forget to watch the second season premiering May 18th on Netflix.