Birthday vibes

Hello 26!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday.  The day got off to a slow start because I have been feeling sick for the last three days.  Body aches, sore throat, and stuffy nose — I didn’t let that stop me.

My parents surprised me with an early dinner at Cochon Volant, 100 W Monroe St. Chicago, IL.



Again my love for France from my trip continues.  The decor of this place reminds me of the French bars we would sit at and drink beer and coffee while staring at the Eiffel Tower!


Cochon Volant – Flying Pig in English has the cutest logo.  Helps if you do not know the translation at first.


We came during their lunch hours, so appetizers filled the menu.  We decided on the Warm Brie Plate and Croque Madame Eggrolls.  Looking back I realized I didn’t take photos to share… but it was because it was so good!  Once we got the dishes we dug in and although it was appealing to the eye my stomach was very pleased as well!

If you have been is there anything you would recommend from the dinner menu?  I am interested in going back soon!

Check please,


The check comes with a Cochon Volant postcard!  What a cute way to market yourself!

After we arrived home we played games on the deck as we enjoyed some refreshing beverages.  The weather today although hot on the day side was perfect for deck drinking.  It was a great way to kick off my vacation as well as celebrate my official adulthood.  I’m off my parents insurance (insert crying).

I will keep you updated on all the vacation fun to come!

Thanks to everyone reading and to everyone who made my birthday memorable!


Attitude of Gratitude

Tonight was so much fun!

My aunts, grandmother, mom, and I all spent a pre Mother’s Day night out.  We went to the pre-screening of Book Club.  A must see!  It was so hilarious!

Have you watched the trailer?  What are your thoughts?  Are you going to see it May 18th when it’s in theaters?

After the movie we enjoyed a nice dinner at the pizza place near the theater.

I honestly couldn’t navigate life without her.  She is my biggest supporter and my voice of reason when I am in need.  She has taught me so much over the years and my need for her wise words and strategic thinking has only increased as I age.  I am so grateful to have her as a mother and best friend.  (P.S. Jerzday has been moved to Friday!)


All my mothers in one picture… Mom, Grandma, and Godmother.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without these wonderful women!  I literally am my grandma in so many ways it’s crazy!  As an adult it’s so wonderful to see the impact of those around you in your actions, mannerisms, and of corse looks.

Looking forward to doing this again with these ladies and I am so excited to celebrate them again this Sunday!  Any interesting Mother’s Day plans?

I would also like to add as a reminder that some people no longer have their mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day with.  We should use this as an opportunity to celebrate all women who have shaped our life with their love.  Celebrate and love your moms everyday, because they deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Margarita and my Man

Happy Hump Day all,

Brian and I spent the day in Downtown Oak Park today playing Pokemon Go!

After we were done playing we saw Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria.  My eyes lit up by the “Margaritas are here” sign in the window.  I love margaritas and I am usually a frozen margarita type however they do not have them here.  Do NOT worry though, this was by far one of the best margaritas I have ever had.


Left: Coconut Margarita      Right: Strawberry Pineapple Margarita

Middle was our order of Guacamole and chips, which we both agreed was very delicious!

In addition to the margaritas we tried there was also a cucumber one which I would love to go back and try.


Since this was our first time here we wanted to taste test all our normal favorites at other restaurants.


From left to right: 2 steak, 1 pork, and 1 tilapia

All were delicious, our favorite was the pork since it was topped with grilled pineapple, onions and cilantro.

If you are interested in trying Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria is on 1053 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 60301.

Anyone have recommendations of Chicago restaurants we must try?

We are open to anything, leave us a comment and we may try it on our next date!