Go Fest 2018

Welcome back,

This past weekend was filled with some gamming fun.

Niantic definitely made up for last year.  ALL cell service worked and I was able to play the game!!!



Although Brian and I were unable to catch Celebi, which still is super upsetting.  I think Niantic stepped up the creativity with this event and definitely made it an experience throughout the park.


Although I am no event planner, I have a few suggestions for future events:

  • Have multiple entries – this was an issue last year and by adding another entrance that helped however, no addresses were given for the entrances on our map.  Having 21,000 people entering only two places is a bit chaotic.
  • The event should be in a more enclosed area.  The length of the park and the lack of detail in where the entrances were made it difficult to activate our QR codes in order to start our Go Fest 2018 research tasks.  This made catching Celebi difficult since you had to visit each habitat which were pretty far in distance.
  • Train the help… The people who were helping keep people on track and walking in the right direction literally kept saying “I think it’s this way…”  I do not need them to be experts but at least know which direction the South/North Gates are.
  • Since the park was so large – more food trucks would have been lovely.  The South Gate had three food trucks… We waited in an hour and a half line for what was advertised as the best beef in Chicago and was indeed NOT.  When we made our way to the North Gate there were four food trucks… with once again 15-20 minute lines for water.


Also spent some time being a creep on some of our favorite Pokemon Go Youtubers.



Between all the media they had to shoot they spent some time catching Pokemon near us!  Brian and I were super excited, more so Brian, he interrupted me catching a Snorunt in order to stalk them. :).


I had so much fun and can’t wait to walk another 20,000 steps with you again next year babe!

Did you go?  Tell us about your experience in the comments!  Are you from Chicago?  Where do you find the most luck when playing Pokemon Go?