Treat yourself

Hello all,

Today was my day to get my nails redone.

Although the length is a little long for my liking I am really in love with the design.

The guy who did them has been a nail tech for 18 years!  He’s super talented obviously.

If you are interested I went to Magic Nails in Countryside… they opened a new location near the Best Buy – 11 Countryside Plz.  I visited this one with a friend today after work and it is so nice!  Everything is new and spacious, less busy than the other location but I doubt it will stay like that for long.  Has anyone else in the area been here?  How was your experience?




My ring finger is done to look like marbling.  The rest of my nails are done in white/ grey ombre.



Many times when I tell people this is where I get my nails done they talk about price.  Yes, it is a bit expensive, however you get what you pay for.  The entire expeirence and products are high quality and if I am going to treat myself why not I am not going to pick the McDonalds of nail salons.  I want the Gibson’s of nail salons if I am paying for something to last me 3 weeks.

Also I do the DIP which can last 3-4 weeks… meaning I am paying $2 a day for nice nails… not bad in my book.

P.S. Right now until the end of May they have 15% off at the new location!

Hope everyone is wrapping up their week in a fantastic way!

If you haven’t done anything to treat yourself this week go a head… you deserve it!

Below is a throwback to walking the Paris streets… oh how I miss this!



Margarita and my Man

Happy Hump Day all,

Brian and I spent the day in Downtown Oak Park today playing Pokemon Go!

After we were done playing we saw Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria.  My eyes lit up by the “Margaritas are here” sign in the window.  I love margaritas and I am usually a frozen margarita type however they do not have them here.  Do NOT worry though, this was by far one of the best margaritas I have ever had.


Left: Coconut Margarita      Right: Strawberry Pineapple Margarita

Middle was our order of Guacamole and chips, which we both agreed was very delicious!

In addition to the margaritas we tried there was also a cucumber one which I would love to go back and try.


Since this was our first time here we wanted to taste test all our normal favorites at other restaurants.


From left to right: 2 steak, 1 pork, and 1 tilapia

All were delicious, our favorite was the pork since it was topped with grilled pineapple, onions and cilantro.

If you are interested in trying Hecho En Oak Park Taqueria is on 1053 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 60301.

Anyone have recommendations of Chicago restaurants we must try?

We are open to anything, leave us a comment and we may try it on our next date!