In Loving Memory

Welcome back all,

So you will notice it’s been far too long since I posted.  Nothing crazy has happened but spending quality time with my family and enjoying the weather has been rather enjoyable.

On June 10th, Brian, his family, and I celebrated his Mother’s birthday and life.  I have plenty of pictures of the church but have yet to download them to my laptop, so more to come.


Brian talked about his Mother often when we first met and I could tell how much he loved her.  His love for his Mother actually made me fall in love with the person she raised him to be.  Brian’s mom had kidney issues and was being treated with daily dialysis which Brian had learned to do at home.  He shared this information with me early on in our friendship and well, it made him look good in my eyes.  He spent his nights after work setting up her dialysis machine and nearly turned down our first “date” in order to do so.

Brian lost his mom three years ago.  At the time, Brian and I had only been dating a little over 4 months and I had only met his mother once and visited with her in the hospital once.  Our first meeting was not how any of us would have pictured it.  We met in the emergency room after she had fallen because her blood sugar dropped too low.

Growing up I developed this fear of hating my future in-laws.  I think it came from the famous “you marry the family” line.

Although Olga and I did not have much time together it was enough for me to understand why Brian loved her so much.  It’s common knowledge that kids love their parents.  However, the bond you have with your children depends on many factors.  Brian and his mom were like best friends.  She would joke around with him and in the same breath tell him to cut the shit.  I wish I would have gotten to spend more time with her but I know she is watching over us, probably wondering how we put up with each other, stubborn and emotional.


Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.




In Loving Memory of 

Olga Mendez

June 10, 1948 – June 11, 2015