Go Fest 2018

Welcome back,

This past weekend was filled with some gamming fun.

Niantic definitely made up for last year.  ALL cell service worked and I was able to play the game!!!



Although Brian and I were unable to catch Celebi, which still is super upsetting.  I think Niantic stepped up the creativity with this event and definitely made it an experience throughout the park.


Although I am no event planner, I have a few suggestions for future events:

  • Have multiple entries – this was an issue last year and by adding another entrance that helped however, no addresses were given for the entrances on our map.  Having 21,000 people entering only two places is a bit chaotic.
  • The event should be in a more enclosed area.  The length of the park and the lack of detail in where the entrances were made it difficult to activate our QR codes in order to start our Go Fest 2018 research tasks.  This made catching Celebi difficult since you had to visit each habitat which were pretty far in distance.
  • Train the help… The people who were helping keep people on track and walking in the right direction literally kept saying “I think it’s this way…”  I do not need them to be experts but at least know which direction the South/North Gates are.
  • Since the park was so large – more food trucks would have been lovely.  The South Gate had three food trucks… We waited in an hour and a half line for what was advertised as the best beef in Chicago and was indeed NOT.  When we made our way to the North Gate there were four food trucks… with once again 15-20 minute lines for water.


Also spent some time being a creep on some of our favorite Pokemon Go Youtubers.



Between all the media they had to shoot they spent some time catching Pokemon near us!  Brian and I were super excited, more so Brian, he interrupted me catching a Snorunt in order to stalk them. :).


I had so much fun and can’t wait to walk another 20,000 steps with you again next year babe!

Did you go?  Tell us about your experience in the comments!  Are you from Chicago?  Where do you find the most luck when playing Pokemon Go?



Fun and Games

Welcome back!

It has been a few days.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I had the pleasure of watching my Aunt graduate with her Masters of Law.  Literally the most inspirational ceremony, I cried pretty much the entire time.  Both because my aunt is a bad ass and can accomplish anything she puts her mind to and because the inspirational words shared hit home.  One speaker spoke about the importance of what you get from your career, with the exception of money.  How money (although a necessity in life) should not keep you doing something that doesn’t bring you happiness and provide value to your life and the lives of those around you.

I know he was talking to the new graduates, but the speech was for the moment of life I am currently in.  It was nice to be reminded by someone who doesn’t even know me.


Also tickets for Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago went on sale… and sold out this past Friday.

Brian and I were lucky enough to have gotten a pair.  I am hoping for the sake of players who were unable to get tickets Niantic will rethink the platform they use to sell tickets to events so they are not purchased by people who are going to mark up the price.


Needless to say I am so excited! Brian and I went last year and it was fun, despite my cellphone reception being horrible, which I blame AT&T for not Niantic.

Is anyone traveling to Chicago for the event?  Where are you traveling from?  Did you have troubles getting tickets?  What are you most excited for?

Here is a picture of us last year…


I am also looking forward to the nice tan I will be getting walking around catching Pokemon!


Brian also sent me this bar that Replay in Lincoln Park is doing a Pokemon themed event that starts on my birthday!  Can we all guess where I will be?  You’re smart.

Is anyone else interested in this event?  The event runs from May 25th- June 4th.  Below is the event description:

Starting on Memorial Day weekend, we’re transforming our bar into a Pokemon trainer’s paradise, complete with themed drinks, a Pokemon Center and Pokemart, and lured pokestops for all you Pokemon Go players.

But if that weren’t enough, we’re also allowing budding trainers to take on the Replay Pokemon League Challenge. When you visit, you’ll be able to ask your bartender for a Trainer Card, with spaces for eight badges earned through ordering specific themed badge shots at the bar. If you collect all eight, you’ll be able to challenge one of our Elite Four at Pokemon Stadium. If you prevail, you will receive a prize pack fit for a champion.

Not feeling competitive? We’ll also have wild Pokemon hidden all around the bar. Catching them by entering a code on a specific website will unlock discounts and goodies. We’ve even heard rumors that there are some legendary Pokemon out there that will unlock secret menu drinks!

Let Brian and I know if you are going?  What part of this do you find the most exciting?

We will be there and be geeky.

This week keeps getting better…

Drake announced he will be in Chicago August 17th and 18th.  Who is going?  It has been a few years since I went to see him so I am so happy he’s back in Chicago!

More to come on Drake because I have not purchased my tickets yet but I can hardly wait to do so!