I’m alive

Hello all,

As you may or may not have noticed it’s been a few days…

Last weekend Brian and I attended our first concert of the summer, Weezer! As always it was such a great show!

My absence on the blog has not been a result of an unbalanced life by any means, I am currently taking the time to learn and understand my role. I have entered one of the most upbeat, empowering, and positive environments. Day 1 all of my “what if” questions disappeared.

Tomorrow Brian and I embark on Pokémon Go Fest 2018! The excitement is real!

Thank you for stopping back to check in.

More to come on my transition into my new job and some fun summer activities we have planned.

See you soon!


Sweet Steps

Welcome back!

Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out you perfect next move, just DO something already.  Oh the time we waste rolling ideas around in our heads, imagining what-ifs, coming up with perfect reasons why and then perfect reasons why not, tearing at our cuticles, making our friends and family carefully screen their calls in case it’s us again, wanting to go over some ideas.  Get out of your head and take action.

Yesterday while continuing to read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero the quote above stuck out.  The other day I was discussing with my friend some of my current feelings about life and work.  I was discussing my next steps, her first response was “the next steps are so scary for me.”  I chose to keep this friend anonymous because her opinions on things are similar to mine and she is too valuable to put “on blast” via a blog others will read.

I agree with her 100% though, the first step is the hardest, but the next step is just as hard.  Although this book makes me feel badass, I am far from fearless.  I also am hopeful that everyday from now on will look brighter, be better, and most importantly bring happiness.

I am so appreciative for those of you who chose to read these posts and come back as I share my journey to my best life! Thank you!

I am also open to advice, opinions, questions, and open dialog… like, comment, and follow!

Some random Ashley facts… recently I developed an allergy to Red 40 (Red food coloring).

Have you ever watched the show botched?  That’s my face if I eat anything with Red 40 in it.  Two words: Bad Botox.

I was so excited to find an organic company that made dye free gummy bears, gummy worms, red fish, peach rings, and watermelon rings.

I came across the brand Wholesome at a HomeGoods and haven’t been able to find them since.  The other day I had such a craving for the red fish I placed an order online here.

Another fun fact, on the website listed above they have a store locator that actually narrows it down to stores near you that sell the product!  So far out of the new items I purchased I tried the watermelon rings… OMG SO FRUITY AND SO FRESH!  Even if you don’t have allergies give them a try!

Anyone have any organic must haves that they recommend? Let me know I would love to try them!