We will let you know; stop asking.

Hello all,

It’s been a long time but I felt the need to pop on and address something quick.

Let’s throw this back to Ashley circa 2014, in February of that year I’d gotten broken up with (two days after Valentine’s Day). Looking back this action spoke more about the person I was with than it did myself, however, I’m human so I was so upset about it.

After the break up and heartbreak that felt like it would last forever (it didn’t thank God!) I came to the conclusion I was strong enough alone and decided maybe marriage was overrated….

Again this decision was based off of the way I was treated in the relationship that ended.

Current day I am in a very happy relationship but there are some questions that unfortunately I get sucked into some times….

When are you guys getting married? When is he going to propose?

I share this story for two main reasons:

  1. Not everyone is sold on social norms, so don’t force what you think on them. Marriage isn’t for everyone and I know some amazing people who invest so much in their own lives because they don’t have a partner.
  2. Life doesn’t always work out how we plan it. I know a fair share of people ages 25-27 who’ve been married and divorced already, engaged and separated, parents but not lovers.

Brian and I are both very happy and there is no set date or expiration date on a proposal. We are both individuals who only want to be married once, so our time spent dating and getting to know each other is so valuable.

We also know how each other feels so we do not feel the need to speak on this constantly. You will know when you know and trust me we will be happily screaming it. 😍

I say this in the nicest of ways, please stop asking.



Welcome back,

A few weeks ago I went to the WNDR MUSEUM in Chicago with my boyfriend & best friend.

This is the second chapter and the second exhibit they did in Chicago.

Did you have a chance to visit the first? Any interest in seeing the new chapter?

Although a few minor things were similar it was worth going to check it out. It’s a great place for insta worthy pics. ( I never share all of mine because I want people to go see it for themselves.)

We also celebrated my brother turning 21 on May 24th and it was so fun. He disagrees cause he was attempting to flirt his life away at the bar.

He was also able to perform some of his original music at a coffee house near us. If you’re ever in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood stop in A Cup of Joe Reboot on archer.

My birthday is the following day so we celebrated that as well. It was a busy week full of fun and adventures.

To follow that up I was sick the following week and spent the entire week in bed with the exception of my two hour trip to urgent care.

So excited to see what 27 had in store for me. Here is to a new year full of living my best life!

Until next time ❤️



Hello all,

Today I just wanted to pop on to share some of what I’ve been focused on for the last 4 weeks. A month ago I went to the doctor and was told I had gastritis. The doctor recommended I stop eating hot, acidic, alcoholic, and unhealthy foods/drinks immediately. Originally I rolled my eyes and cried in my coffee. What people don’t know is although I looked completely healthy on the outside my stomach was fighting back. It was forcefully telling me I needed to stop. I’m so glad it did.

So the day after the doctor I downloaded an app to track my calories and foods I was eating, in the event one of those foods were triggering my stomach pains. I am not going to lie week one of changing anything in life is difficult, however I feel so much better now! Tracking my calories has also allowed me to realized just how much I didn’t care before and was hurting myself. I’m more aware of the calories the foods I’m eating have and I’m also 70% more likely to put something down if it’s not WORTH the calories.

Here is to a new lifestyle! I also want to thank my mom who went out of her way to find random things I can eat! From gluten free snacks to different types of rice I can eat she’s made my diet transition so easy!

Cheers! (Ice water) 💧


One year!

Hello all,

I’ve been absent for some time and I’m sorry!

I did get the notification today that it’s my one year anniversary with WordPress! Which means I used this blog a little less than planned but it helped me through a tough time in my life. Currently I’m more in touch with things that matter, family, friends and just living.

I’ve made significant changes to my work life in order to ensure I give myself the balance I need to be happy. * Reminder everyone is different and everyone’s balance is different.* Do what works for you and do not take the negativity of others so seriously you ignore your instincts.

More currently I’ve been pushed to match my mental health with my physical health. Let me tell you…. ACCOUNTABILITY and MENTAL HEALTH fuel your physical health. It’s critical you take the time to listen to your body and create goals you can knock out of the park!

Thank you to those who followed this page and those who gave my posts a like. The day I decided to start this page I was at a crossroads with my career and my happiness, through writing I’ve found my peace with the past and a place to store some memories.

Thank you again,



Hello all,

It’s been a while…

I have done a few fun things since I last wrote.  The WNDR museum in Chicago was one of my favorites!


I do not want to share too many pictures because there are many unique items in the museum that you have to see for yourself! I would highly recommend going  — it is a great place for photos!


I do wish they provided more information on the artist herself.  Yahoi Kusama is the artist responsible for the infinity mirrored room which has been seen on Instagram.  Not much was said about Kusama besides she had a love for polka dots and used her art to overcome mental illness throughout her life.  I think a nice addition to the museum would be more info on Kusama’s life and career, seeing as she was launching her career when the art world was a male dominated industry.


By the end of our walk through I wanted to buy another ticket to go back.  There was just so much to see and photograph. There was also so much detail and thought in all of the pieces.




Have you been the the WNDR museum?  If so what was your favorite part?

If not I encourage you to purchase your tickets using the link above!


I am also interested in additional museums like this in and around Chicago, if you know any please comment below.


Thanks for reading,






Patch me up he stole my heart.

Hi all,

Yes cheesy titles are most definitely my thing.

Weeks ago Brian and I had a date weekend, pumpkin patch and zoo were among some fall ideas.

The last time we attempted the pumpkin patch it was storming so bad it looked like we had rented the place out.   Second time is a charm.


I felt like such a kid, I was amused by literally everything.  Working retail has occasionally made it difficult for the both of us to enjoy seasonal activities due to the stress our business’ provide during peak seasons.

I am glad we got to make a weekend of it and I came out with so many photos.


I can’t wait to go back to Goebbert’s next year! Until then I am going to continue enjoying the apple cider we bought.



Our pumpkin family- from left to right – Bandit, Brian, Ashley, and Maddox.

Brian insisted his be white : )


We also went to the zoo after the pumpkin patch and I felt like a tourist, its been years since I have been and I took far too many pictures of animals I had no idea existed.



Example above: I said I wanted one like 20 times, I forgot what it was called.

What’s your favorite fall activity? Help us add to our list for next year. Comment some ideas!


Thanks for reading.




National Boyfriend Day

I wanted to take a moment to just appreciate how amazing my boyfriend is.

I appreciate him everyday but today I took the time to reflect on how critical he has been in the last year of my life.

The last year was filled with a ton of emotional ups and downs.  Occasionally more downs than ups.  Brian has always found a way to be the calming presence in my life.  I can be having the worst day but just seeing him brings me so much comfort.  From ordering my favorite food for dinner as a surprise to listening to me vent while I cry in my Ramen, you are the biggest blessing and I am so happy to have found you.

Here is a bit of a trip down memory lane…


Happy National Boyfriend Day to the love of my life!